Mikko Valente, Dental Nurse

To prepare for her career, Mikko earned a Certificate III and IV in Dental Nursing from Belmont College DNA Kingston Training. She graduated in 2014. Mikko became interested in becoming a dental nurse as she is eager to learn new things each day, such as innovative technology.

“There is no dull moment in the clinic because every single day, you learn new cases from different people.”

Finding Fulfillment Helping Patients

For Mikko, the most fulfilling aspect of being a nurse is when you can see how the patients are pleased about the result of their appointment. Kind and caring, she enjoys helping every patient achieve a bright, healthy smile.

Outside the Practice

When she’s not at River Dental, Mikko enjoys bonding with her family. Born in the Philippines, she and her family migrated to Australia in 2006. Mikko is a single mum of a young daughter. One of Mikko’s favourite things is sampling various ethnic cuisines from different restaurants.


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