Scale and Cleans With AIRFLOW

To have a healthy mouth you need to have clean teeth and good gums. In the past, dental cleanings usually used a combination of ultrasonic and hand instruments to remove loose and calcified buildup. The method generally depended on your individual needs and preferences.

Today, at River Dental we’re proud to boast the latest AIRFLOW technology for gentler and more efficient cleanings.


Elderly woman smiling at male dentistAIRFLOW is an efficient and gentle tool that cleans your teeth, gums, existing dental work and orthodontic appliances. It delivers a stream of water with ultra-fine powder (don’t worry, there aren’t any gritty particles like the older styles of air polishers). AIRFLOW cleans both above and below the gumlines and is virtually pain-free. All you feel is the water.

Since AIRFLOW does such an efficient job at cleaning your teeth, any remaining buildup is easy to spot and clean away with a hand instrument. It’s such an excellent tool that it’s often preferred by periodontists (gum specialists) for cleaning and maintenance.

With this technology, the services for our patients are greatly improved, both in efficiency and comfort. AIRFLOW is so effective that it can reduce the length of your clean by 8-12 minutes, giving you more time to discuss concerns with our dental providers and less in the dental chair.

How Often Should You Schedule a Scale and Clean?

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy works best when you book a professional clean at least every six months. If you have good dental and periodontal health, we may only need to see you as frequently as every 9-12 months.

During your checkup, we will:

  • Evaluate the health and attachment levels of your gums
  • Screen for new areas of decay
  • Check the integrity of existing dental work
  • Monitor for signs of oral cancer
  • Take diagnostic X-rays or OPG imaging as needed
  • Compare findings to previous baseline records

Other Preventative Services

Your scale and clean are essential when it comes to preventing the onset of gum disease. If symptoms of bone and gum loss are evident, we offer comprehensive periodontal therapy to help. Scale and cleans are one of the most critical parts of our hygiene program.

Be sure to ask about adjunctive services like dental sealants and fluoride, too, which can lower your risk of tooth decay.


Contact us today to request a scale and clean with AIRFLOW Margaret River.


* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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